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About our company_

On May 12, 2022 the Dutch EdTech group E-WISE and the Danish EdTech group Blueprint Learning announced their merger and became Reducate. Both companies are market leaders in their respective local markets and through joining forces, we aim to become Europe’s biggest EdTech platform in a wide range of verticals. Today 100.000 professionals within almost 40 verticals have daily access to the 2.500 online courses of Reducate.

E-WISE was founded December 31, 1998 by CEO Hans van Veggel with the aim to provide eCPE for medical professionals. Due to its success, the company started to expand their range of courses. Rapidly, E-WISE developed a new way of providing these online courses, namely through a subscription based business model. Via its education as a service platform, course participants can now choose from more than 1.600 different courses every day. E-WISE is headquartered in Utrecht and has over 100 employees.


Blueprint Learning is market leader in Denmark in online continuing education for professionals in the legal and financial sector and the market of municipalities. Blueprint Learning provides subscription based unlimited access in currently three vertical brands and customers can choose from more than 800 courses in total. Blueprint Learning is based in central Copenhagen, 40 dedicated employees and grows rapidly. The company was founded in 2014 by Kristian Madsen, Daniel Friis, Peter Fredslund and Jens Bang Liebst.

Our people_

Hans van Veggel

Hans brings a deep understanding of both the e-learning industry and the experience of an entrepreneur developing a successful enterprise.

Hans set out to change the professional education market by introducing officially approved online continuing professional education as the first company in Europe.
This was the basis of E-WISE becoming by far market leader in The Netherlands.

Hans likes disruption and challenging existing suppliers in a market with only one vision: to improve products and services for the customer and offer a solution that even the customers couldn’t have dreamt of. And only with one vision: if the customers are happy, Hans is happy.

Jens Bang Liebst

Jens is driven by the combination of knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship. Jens brings a strong understanding of business and experience from building and taking part in the management of a range of companies.

For almost two decades Jens has practiced as a lawyer and from 2014 alongside building the Danish market leading e-learning company Blueprint Learning providing professional education to lawyers and accountants and employees of Danish municipalities.

Jens strives towards developing the concept of e-learning even further e.g. by enhancing personal performance tracking, gamification and perfecting the searchability of content whereby unlimited access to professional e-learning content becomes and even more powerful knowledge tool for the individual user.

What are we looking for in partners_

We’re looking for the best Edtech entrepreneurs active in the eCPE market in Europe to join
Reducate and together become the leading EdTech eCPE platform in Europe.

Reducate is the platform for successful companies in the eCPE market, and for ambitious
entrepreneurs who also want to drive the European EdTech market.

What do we offer to partners_

By joining the Reducate EdTech Group you’ll be able to tap into our shared experiences in the eCPE market in Europe. This will prevent pitfalls and will help you to scale and grow faster in your local market_

We have the data driven knowledge and experience to create high quality content at scale. This will help you improve the quality of online courses while at the same time reducing the costs of producing content_

By becoming part of the Reducate team, we have the opportunity to share the same dream as entrepeneurs: be the No 1 provider of online continuing professional education in your local market and become Europe’s No 1 together with Reducate_

We have the knowledge and experience in a wide array of verticals. This will help you to enter new verticals faster and more efficiently_

We have the financial means to help you grow and scale faster, while sharing world-class competencies with you_

We can also help founders to generate some liquidity which can create some peace of mind while you can still go for the big haul teaming up with Reducate_

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