We believe the world is a better place with high-skilled professionals.

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About our company_

By providing a full offer of high-quality e-learning courses and making use of the best national experts, we keep our professionals stay in the forefront.

Our brands_

Multi-brand, multi-vertical offering

What are we looking for in partners_

We’re looking for the best Edtech entrepreneurs active in the Online Continuing Professional Education (eCPE) market in Europe
to join Reducate and together become the leading EdTech eCPE platform in Europe.

Reducate is the platform for successful companies in the eCPE market, and for ambitious
entrepreneurs who also want to drive the European EdTech market.

What do we offer to partners_

By joining the Reducate EdTech Group you’ll be able to tap into our shared experiences in the eCPE market in Europe. This will prevent pitfalls and will help you to scale and grow faster in your local market_

We have the data driven knowledge and experience to create high quality content at scale. This will help you improve the quality of online courses while at the same time reducing the costs of producing content_

By becoming part of the Reducate team, we have the opportunity to share the same dream as entrepeneurs: be the No 1 provider of online continuing professional education in your local market and become Europe’s No 1 together with Reducate_

We have the knowledge and experience in a wide array of verticals. This will help you to enter new verticals faster and more efficiently_

We have the financial means to help you grow and scale faster, while sharing world-class competencies with you_

We can also help founders to generate some liquidity which can create some peace of mind while you can still go for the big haul teaming up with Reducate_

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