E-learning provider Reducate acquires THAR and LearnLet

Reducate Edtech Group expands to 175 employees and an annual revenue of 23 million euro through the acquisition of THAR and LearnLet. The e-learning provider strategically capitalizes on the growing demand for certified training programs for professionals.

Based in Breda, the e-learning company THAR focuses on learning solutions for practical employees in the transport and logistics sector. The online continuing education platform Reducate also announces the acquisition of LearnLet, a Danish training organization specializing in online professional development for teachers. This move aligns with Reducate’s strategy, which began in 2022 with the acquisition of industry peer E-learning Made Easy (EME).

Reducate is responding to the demand for certified highly skilled professionals in Europe, a market estimated to be worth between five to ten billion euros annually. Globally, the EdTech market is valued at around 400 billion euros and is growing at a rate of fourteen percent per year. With the acquisitions of THAR and LearnLet, Reducate expands to 175 employees and is projected to achieve an estimated 23 million euros in revenue in 2023. The group now serves over 100,000 customers across 40 different target audiences, ranging from healthcare professionals to lawyers, and from transportation companies to teachers. “These acquisitions align perfectly with our buy & build strategy, which focuses on growth and broadening our offerings,” explains Reducate CEO Hans van Veggel.

“Now that THAR is joining Reducate, we are expanding our focus to more practical professions. And with LearnLet, we serve schools in Denmark, similar to what we do in the Netherlands with the well-known E-WISE,” adds Van Veggel, who is also the founder of Utrecht-based E-WISE, which formed the foundation of Reducate through the merger with Danish company Blueprint Learning. Marlieke van Gorp, director and founder of THAR, expresses her satisfaction with the integration: “We are pleased to join forces. We gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to further professionalize and accelerate our growth.”

The previously established strategy is to maintain Reducate’s position as a market leader and pioneer in online professional development for professionals in Europe. Van Veggel states, “Our focus is on Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. We seek companies that seamlessly fit Reducate’s DNA. While many e-learning providers target general courses, we specifically focus on courses with a mandatory character for professionals.”