The Dutch EdTech company E-WISE and Danish EdTech company Blueprint Learning join forces under  new name Reducate

Reducate, an EdTech platform for European online continuing professional education companies 

12 may 2022 – Today, E-WISE and Blueprint Learning, respectively the leading companies in the Dutch and Danish markets for online continuing professional education, announce their merger under the name Reducate. Through its merge and build strategy, Reducate aims to become the leading EdTech platform for online continuing professional education in Europe – already today serving more than 100.000 professionals on a subscription basis. Driven by a shared vision and ambition, Reducate aims to become the leading group of companies in the fast growing market of providing online education for sectors such as medical, financial, legal and education across Europe. 

Key messages

  • E-WISE and Blueprint Learning join forces by merging the companies under the name Reducate
  • Through its ‘Merge and Build’ strategy, Reducate has the ambition to become, together with its partners,  a leading European EdTech platform for leading online continuing professional education companies 
  • Via Reducate, online learning companies combine and share their local expertise and practices on an international level, driving local growth and scale 
  • The European market for online continuing professional education is growing at a rapid pace and represents an aggregated annual value of more than EUR 5 billion.  


Reducate is responding to the rapidly changing and growing online learning markets, particularly in terms of developments in technology and content. Joining forces is essential to stay relevant in local markets, by sharing knowledge and best practices. The driving factor is to be close to local markets while sharing world-class competencies with its partners.

Merge and Build Strategy

The Reducate strategy is aimed at joining forces with European leading players, through a ‘Merge and Build’ strategy: entering partnerships with leading local companies within their verticals. Reducate offers a platform for companies to maintain and further expand their local market position, while benefiting from Reducate’s experience and knowledge by providing skills, resources and expertise to scale, within and beyond their verticals. 

As is the case in rapidly changing markets, scale and time-to-market are critical. Reducate’s strategy is to enter into partnerships and invest in local market leaders providing fast growth and securing finance. 

Quote Hans van Veggel

“Today, together with Blueprint Learning and E-WISE, we have started an exciting journey by merging our companies and creating Reducate which marks the founding of an European EdTech platform. By joining forces, we make our businesses grow in very competitive local markets through our data driven knowledge and experience. Bringing together ambitious organizations, Reducate offers the means and expertise to scale and grow in local markets while operating on an European level.”  

Reducate aims to be a group of entrepreneurs who are all driven by the same dream: Be the provider of online continuing professional education in local markets supported and driven by shared European knowledges and means.” 

Quote Jens Bang Liebst

“At Blueprint Learning we already see the positive effects of sharing knowledge and best practices. We are currently preparing a new vertical and the proven concept and knowledge of our Dutch colleagues on for example dentist courses have been shared in with us and reassured our confidence and strategy approach to a new market. We are excited, together with E-WISE, to grow Reducate.” 

About E-WISE

E-WISE was founded 25 years ago by CEO Hans van Veggel with the aim to provide online continuing education for professionals who need mandatory education. Due to its success, the company expanded its range of courses to sectors such as medical, financial, legal and the education sector through a subscription based business model (Education as a Service). Course participants can now choose from more than 1.200 different courses every day. Today, around 100.000 course participants have followed professional courses within more than 20 different verticals.
E-WISE is headquartered in Utrecht, has over 90 employees and is  market leader in its verticals in The Netherlands.

About Blueprint Learning

Blueprint Learning is market leader in Denmark in online continuing education for professionals in the legal and financial sector and the market of municipalities. Blueprint Learning provides subscription based unlimited access in currently three vertical brands and customers can choose from more than 600 courses in total. Blueprint Learning is based in central Copenhagen and has around 25 dedicated employees. The company was founded in 2014 by Kristian Madsen, Daniel Friis, Peter Fredslund and Jens Bang Liebst.

Contact details 

Hans van Veggel
T: +31 30 26 44 101